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Kendra Gami Notebook

Kendra Gami Notebook

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Kendra Gami Notebook is a must-have for jotting all your creative thoughts and sketching ideas.

The photo is a bit mysterious :)

The woman is my grandmother and the man ??? 

My grandmother was a stylish lady and fancied herself a real man-eater. She was divorced three times and loved to wear chiffon-like nightgowns with matching robes and drink whiskey sours at home including the cherry garnish. She went out dancing every Saturday night and her favorite words of wisdom were "Marry a man who loves you more than you love him". 

She was one of the first feminists I was exposed to but at that time they were just called Independent Women. She was a female manager at Shawmut Bank in Boston for almost 50 years and took great pride in her appearance. Getting her hair set every Saturday. 

Sadly she passed away -when she did we found a lot of pictures of her, including this one. Also professional photoshoots we could not explain (not sexy stuff ).

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